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Hi, I’m Lauren! I am a graduate from the University of Delaware, where I earned my BFA in Visual Communications. I am a creator, designer, artist, photographer, and lover of plants and animals. Most of my work is inspired by my love for nature.

Shortly after college, I moved to Philadelphia where I have been living for the past 2.5 years. In the past couple of years, I have expanded my bank of knowledge and experience by working in different environments and joining different communities within the city. I worked at a camera company, where I had the opportunity to work across multiple fields including design, marketing, shipping/receiving, film development, and printing.

Upon moving to Philly, I began training as a yoga instructor and received my certification in May of 2022. I started teaching weekly classes at a local yoga co-op. Teaching has enriched my life in a way I never imagined. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone to conquer my fear of public speaking, as well as introduced me to a network of amazing teachers and human beings. The community gives space to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Since then, I have worked as an infant caretaker. Working with babies, I have been able to expand my creative assets in so many ways while learning about child development in the process.

Freelancing as a photographer alongside my other lines of work has given me the opportunity to merge my interests in art, community, and working with children.

In November of 2022, I went to my first acro yoga class, from which I was instantly hooked. Through consistent training in acrobatics, I have gained so much discipline, joy, strength, and a sense of community in this city.

Beyond that, I enjoy spending time with friends and playing with my new kitten, Clover. My highest value is the power of kindness and how it interweaves through every facet of life.


me at art camp-2005